This resources page contains links to most of the people or websites that I recommend on the other pages of this website.

Spiritual Teachers

Adyashanti practiced Zen for some time before his awakening. In my opinion he is one of the most enlightened teachers on the planet today. He is a wonderful source of information for all things enlightenment.

Fred Davis is a spiritual teacher but more importantly he has the ability to talk you through yourResources Page own awakening. This is the guy who helped me and hundreds of others to awaken.
Fred Davis:

I only recently discovered Dr. Frank Kinslow, his books and teachings. I wish he had been teaching his stuff 40 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and effort. I highly recommended you look into his teachings, trainings, and books and discover the easy way to spiritual enlightenment.
Dr. Frank Kinslow:

Spiritual guidance

Shellee Rae had a rough introduction to enlightenment. Abused as a child, she turned to drugs and alcohol until later in life she spontaneously awakened. Her experience with years of Integration makes her the perfect choice for someone to share your experience with and ask for her advice.
Shellee Rae:

Helpful Information and Other Resources

Buddha at the Gas Pump is an interview podcast started and run by Rick and Irene Archer of Fairfield, Iowa. Rick has interviewed over 350 spiritually awakening people and his archives are a wonderful source for checking out your next spiritual teacher, guru, or spiritual support person.
Buddha at the Gas Pump: universe

Ra is a channeled group of souls from the sixth density. They used Carla Rueckert as their channel. While somewhat hard to read and understand their teachings have left a very interesting legacy of information about our past on this planet and what we can do to change our future.
The Book of Ra:

Started by Master Choa Kok Sui of the Philippines in the late 1990s, Pranic Healing is a very powerful and effective energy healing modality. It is by far the best technique of its kind.
Pranic Healing:

An interesting blog I discovered, written by a fellow Wander:

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